Estate Sale 1740 5th Ave., Rock Island ,IL Thursday , June 13th 9am to 5pm Friday, June 14th 9am to 5pm Saturday, June 15th 9am to 1pm
Estate Sale

1740 5th Ave., Rock Island ,IL

Thursday , June 13th  9am to 5pm
Friday, June 14th     9am to 5pm  
Saturday, June 15th   9am to 1pm

Mobile BBQ Grill 51' , pig rotisserie or charcoal
Karcher 2000 P.S.I. Pressure Washer
Coleman Powermate Electric Generator
Two Stage Fast Pac
Honda EX650 Generator
Exide Battery Charger
Chain saws
Lawn mowers
Wood and fiberglass  ladders
HeavyDuty extension cords
A selection of super lighting
Huge amount of garden tools
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Table model popcorn popper
Dremel 16' two speed
Waterloo chest on chest tool box
Schwinn Mesa Runner Ladies Bicycle
Mongoose All Terrain Gent's Bicycle
Vinyl Records
Ping pong table
Decorator items
Art work
And many other items...............

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