Restaurant Equipment Sale

Restaurant Equipment Sale From the Fieldhouse Bar and Grill Please Note: Monday, June 26th 9 -5 Tuesday, June 27th 9 -5 Wednesday, June 28th 9 -5 Sale to be held at the former Zimmerman Showroom ,Rock Island,IL 1740 5th Ave., Rock Island ,IL
From the Fieldhouse Bar & Grill
(To Be Conducted at Former Zimmerman’s Showroom)
1740 5th Ave., Rock Island ,IL

Please Note:                                                                                                                                                    

Monday - June 26th 9-5
Tuesday - June 27th 9-5
Wednesday - June 28th 9-5

Black vinyl four persons booths - Black ladder back dining chairs - Black 30”x30” tables - Black ladder back barstools - Black stand up bar tables - Bottle coolers - Other kitchen items - Vizio and JVC 55”, 65”, & 70’ flat screen TV’s - Bi-State POS touch screen register system w/ Restaurant Man-ager Software - Metal shelving - Framed Souvenier Iowa Football & Wrestling Photographs -Decorative draft arms - plus more restaurant supplies.

                                                         10% Buyer Premium

                       Sale Conducted by Jean, Scotty’s Auction ,Call Jean at 563 370 6291

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