ESTATE SALE 1740 5th Ave., Rock Island, IL Former Zimmerman's Showroom Thursday, March 21st 9-5 Friday, March 22nd 9-5 Saturday. March 23rd 9-3
1740 5th Ave., Rock Island, IL
Former Zimmerman's Showroom

Thursday, March 21st   9-5
Friday, March 22nd   9-5
Saturday. March 23rd  9-3

Cut glass
Contempoary furnishings, such as mahogany, oak, walnut
Authentic German beer steins, all handmade and hand painted
Anri wood carvings
New and old clocks
Selection of Nipon, Goebel, Haviland, Noritake Bavarian, Royal Dolton, Minton, Anysley
Many sets of fine bone china, dinnerware, elegant crystal stemware
Italian Bohemiam, Blue Gilt enamel
Area Rugs in various sizes
Wild life prints and other art work
Much more.......

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